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Hi everyone, I did not die. I simply took a few days off as…

- I was busy. Jobs are important.
- I was waiting for my photo book to arrive and I didn’t want spoilers.
- Before my book could arrive, D’espairsRay disbanded and I needed a moment of peace to let the realization sink in.

Will FuckYeahZero continue? You bet, but not often.


Hey everyone. Updates have not been regular as they’ve used to have been.

If you already have not noticed, I own both the Fuck Yeah Zero!! and Fuck Yeah Hizumi!! Tumblr accounts. While life for me is currently calm, I know updates will be even less frequent when I get a project again or something.

I was thinking about handing over both of these Tumblrs to someone else because I’m simply getting bored/ have not that many pictures left/ and I’m not into D’espairsRay as much as I used to be. I have better things to do as a grown-ass lady.
FIY, I bolded/italicized the thinking. I’m not sure yet. You can still give me a message if you have any questions. 

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